Past Initiatives – 2000 and Beyond

US Women Connect Initiatives — 2000 & Beyond

San Diego Grass Roots Report Card” Campaign
Online Community and Electronic Activism

USWC’s new initiatives build on its successful advocacy and outreach during the five year review of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women.

San Diego “Grass Roots Report Card” Campaign

USWC has taken its successful federal report campaign on the road in a pilot program with California Women’s Agenda San Diego. The initiative has two aims: to coordinate and amplify the advocacy of CAWA San Diego as a local grass roots organization and to develop a guide for other communities to use in their own advocacy efforts. We’re having a “process documentor” work with us to capture useful “how to” tips to share with others.

The prototype report card framework being used in San Diego, enables women and girls to grade their local, city, or state government on 8-10 key areas that are of priority locally. The initiative is also developing ways to best use the report card as an advocacy tool, including town meetings, meetings with elected and appointed officials, letters to the editor, appearing on talk radio, etc.
USWC encourages other groups to take advantage of the prototype report card and adapt it to their own community. Contact USWC if you’re interested in being part of the expansion of the campaign this year. A copy of the prototype can be accessed here in .PDF format  or in web format which you can use as a template report card in your local community.

Online Community and Electronic Activism

US Women Connect’s vision is to provide the necessary links that will allow those with and without access to technology to participate and work for change. USWC is using the creative energy of the Internet to reach out to U.S. women and girls. The USWC web site aims to amplify existing advocacy efforts and to strengthen the U.S. women’s movement by connecting to the global women’s movement.

Planning for an expanded and inclusive web site is underway. Here’s what we’re considering. Join our listserv for updates on how you can become involved. (* to view the final reports from our successful online working groups in 2002, please click here)

Special Populations: Special efforts to reach specific populations, including Spanish speakers and visually impaired (through translations and adjustments to the web site).

Girls: Ongoing outreach efforts to girls designed to address concerns and promote leadership.

Get the Word Out: USWC will work with local organizations, which have Internet access to get information out into communities where women and girls are not online (via postings at local libraries, community centers and the like)

USWC Online Community: Creation of a true online community for the USWC website including the following tools:

  • Message boards/chat rooms
  • Online chat sessions with specialists and others
  • Comprehensive search engine
  • Fax and email capability to reach Congress (for the community to submit initiatives/sign-on letters).
  • Spidering capability – using this technology to search other relevant advocacy and research web sites to pull in relevant information (using key words)
  • International news (by key word–including UN wire)
  • Free e-mail and listserv service
  • Event calendar to online community members could self-submit items
  • Address book
  • Questionnaires
  • Advocacy Center: Updated online advocacy center, state-based and linking the local to the global.